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Dr Julia Reid

Dr Julia Reid was born to a Wiltshire family in London and has lived in Wiltshire for 40 years, truly one of our own.

Julia is married with one son and two grandsons and when time allows enjoys many hobbies the chief of which is gliding where she met her husband Ken.

She is a Research Biochemist and has worked in both the NHS and industry.  She has an Honours   Degree in Biochemistry and has worked as a researcher in Bath University's Biochemistry Department, the  Royal United Hospital and the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, whilst gaining a  PHD in Pharmacology in 1998.  Julia has also worked at Marion Merrell Dow Research Institute in Strasbourg and Autogen Bionuclear Ltd in Calne.  Since 2011 she has worked as a researcher in the European Parliament.

Julia was amongst the very first members of UKIP joining as a Student and has previously stood in the European and General Elections, in 2013 she was elected to Calne Town Council.

Julia will be standing as the UKIP candidate against Duncan Hames in the General Election next May for the Chippenham seat.

I am sure that we all support this fantastic lady leading up to next May and hopefully ensuring that Chippenham becomes a UKIP constituency.


Visit her personal website at


The UKIP Committee of North Wiltshire and Chippenham Branch would like to extend our whole hearted belated congratulations to Dr Julia Reid on her successful election to the European Parliament.  This is a remarkable achievement by one of our own.

Julia  justly finished second in the selection of candidates for the South West and as such was elected along with William Dartmouth on a fantastic day which saw UKIP  for the first time top an election throughout the UK, this proves that our party is here to stay and will probably hold the balance of power after the next General Election.